“Valerie has been an incredible source of support throughout my journey applying to medical school. It has been wonderful having Valerie as an impartial, caring, presence that I can talk to openly about any and everything. When I’ve gotten caught up in perfectionistic thought patterns, she has effectively helped me zoom out to refocus on productive and realistic goals that worked. At times when I felt really lost, she helped keep me on track not through judgement or giving me a recipe to follow, but instead by verbalizing and reflecting back to me different possible approaches to the situation and letting me choose what stuck. She never told me what to do or what not to do or what to think and what not to think, but rather guided me through a process of self-reflection,  making it easier to have more realistic goals and be more aware in choosing how to spend my time. I have now been accepted to medical school and know I will use all the tools I’ve learned from Valerie in my next steps.” -L.B.

The following is a testimonial for my weekly ADD Success Group for Adults from March, 2013:
“Hi Valerie,
Last night’s meeting was nothing short of amazing, by far the best ADD (or any other) group I’ve ever participated in. Words that come immediately to mind: accepting, validating, engaging, perceptive, affirming, supportive, fascinating, enriching, exciting, empowering, fun, encouraging, motivating, illuminating, reassuring, stimulating, humanizing, rejuvenating…I could go on, but I think you get the idea! 🙂
On top of all that, I think I had a pretty major revelation about a couple of things I’ve struggled with for decades. …I got so much more out of the meeting than I could have possibly imagined I would. Most groups I’ve been a part of tend to be very dry and stilted, and last night’s meeting was anything but that. It was so dynamic and such an immersive experience I think I actually “forgot” all about being introverted or feeling bad about myself for whatever reason(s). Which was totally cool. 🙂
The meeting really had a huge impact on me, and I’m looking forward to coming every week.”
Jim C

“Working with Valerie really helped me to get unstuck and move beyond the things that were holding me back from my past. It helped me develop inner strength, resourcefulness and new ways of looking at things. Her warmth and insights really helped the sun shine through the clouds and I would strongly recommend her as a therapeutic life coach.”  – S.R.

“Valerie is kind, warm and compassionate, and as a coach she is straightforward and direct, which I appreciated.  I was in a difficult transition period after losing a job, and she really helped me clarify and prioritize my goals, put things in perspective, and shift out of my negative thought patterns. She asked questions in a gentle and nonjudgmental way, and provided insights that helped me see things through a more realistic lens. She kept me on track with manageable action steps, and I eventually found a job that I am excited about.  She helped me to have more self-awareness, and make more conscious choices that are based less on fear and more on my own values and what I want.  She has been a great support and resource, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to take the steps necessary in their own journey of personal growth to create a life that is more hopeful and fulfilling.” – L.M.

“I sought help from Valerie last year, when I was going through a very dark and difficult period in my life. She was the one source of strength and encouragement that helped me get through my difficulties both in my professional and family life. When I feel utterly alone in my struggles, not only does she lend a very sympathetic ear, but also the calm and steady support to help me see the way towards resolving my problems. As a consultant myself I truly appreciate her work and have no reservation in recommending her as a therapeutic life coach.” – R.W.

 “I enjoyed working with Valerie, who is intelligent, wise, and skilled in coaching, and in explaining and incorporating the cognitive behavioral model of therapy into her coaching.  I’ve worked with other professionals around some challenges I have with ADD and anxiety, and found it very helpful to work with a life coach like Valerie, who I felt could relate with me and understand me.  She was able to quickly uncover my core beliefs, survival mechanisms and strategies, and helped me to understand how these were hindering my ability to move forward in my personal relationship, as well as in my career.  I feel that the tools I learned continue to help me to better manage my ADD and anxiety, communicate better, prioritize goals, connect more deeply with my values, be more creative, and overcome barriers that I now see were more internal than external.  I highly recommend Valerie as a life coach.”  – M.P.



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