About me


            • Welcome. My name is Valerie (and this is Zoey), and I invite you to read my pages about coaching, and how I differentiate it from psychotherapy.
            • I believe that anyone, regardless of their level of success, can benefit from working with a qualified coach. My goal is to support you in feeling more at choice in creating the life you want, with tools you can use today, to move forward with success and joy, awareness and integrity.
            • I’m a Certified Career Coach and Adult AD/HD Strategist.
            • I take a holistic approach, integrating principles from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Solution-focused therapy, Positive Psychology, Somatics, Systems Theory and Jungian Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology.
          • I help people to better manage anxieties, transitions, relationships, and symptoms of ADHD or ADD.  I help people prioritize their goals so they can feel more intentioned, organized and focused.  I’m trained as a therapist and tailor my practice to be more like coaching because I find it to be more effective with the kinds of clients I enjoy working with.  I enjoy working with people who have already achieved some level of success and are ready for more.  I offer individual coaching and I facilitate a weekly ADD Success Group for adults (www.meetup.com/adhd-add-success-group).
International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches & Trainers

International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches & Trainers

I am Certified through the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, now Sofia University, where I trained with Dr. Rosie Kuhn in her Transformational Life Coaching Program.  I also trained in an intensive Shared Mastery executive and leadership coaching seminar with Learning as Leadership.  I have an M.S. in Counseling Psychology from Dominican University of CA in San Rafael, during which time I worked in several MFT internships that included group work in a residential setting with women who had trauma and addictions. I also worked at a non-profit agency with individual clients who had diverse anxieties, transition and couple or relationship issues and depression. I also have training in crisis management and grief and loss. My master’s thesis project was on the synthesis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Transformational Life Coaching.

I also have an M.B.A. from Wharton Business School in Health Care Management and Marketing, and I worked in marketing and sales in the pharmaceutical industry for over twelve years.

* Advanced yoga practitioner for over 15 years
* Certified in Eight Step Praying Mantis Kung Fu and Tai Chi – Gold Mantis Level 5.
* Certified in Level 1 training in the Bonny Method of Music and Imagery

If you are interested in speaking or meeting, please give me a call at (415) 246-8282 or email me at here2therecoaching@gmail.com. 

I offer a FREE 30-minute introductory consultation either on the phone or in person.  My office is at 1330 Lincoln Ave, Suite 102, San Rafael, CA.

Sliding scale available.

I teach and facilitate the following 2-4 hour workshops:

1) Master the Power of Your ADD Brain

2) Making Peace with Money: Attitudes, Archetypes and Alter Egos. I have led this workshop at Corstone Center in Sausalito and at Ohlhoff Recovery Programs in Marin County and San Francisco.

3) Immunity Mapping for Affecting Sustainable Change in Adults. I have taught this as a guest speaker at Dominican University of CA in San Rafael.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about these or want to book a workshop.