Here is a section from my August 2013 newsletter, The AD/HD Connection: A-Zs to Success

Is negative thinking negatively affecting your wellbeing, relationships, success? If so, there’s hope.
When it comes to negative thinking, Dr. Hallowell talks about something he calls SLIDE-ing, that is common with people with ADD, though it can happen with anyone. It’s when one has negative thoughts from being triggered by a person or event. For example, your boss gives you a not-so-great performance review, a colleague gets the promotion you wanted, your spouse forgets your birthday or anniversary, you can’t find your keys when you’re in a hurry, or you forget or miss an appointment. You might feel disappointed, angry or frustrated, which is normal.

However, as Dr. Hallowell says, with some people, “instead of taking the event in stride, you go nuts. You attack yourself and call yourself bad names, like “incompetent,” “stupid,” “ugly,” or even “a loser.” This is self attack, and the first step in a process he calls SLIDE-ing… (Read more about Sliding, how to stop the Slide, and finding your Superpower.)
Working with a coach or therapist who is familiar with cognitive behavioral techniques is the most effective approach in addressing negative thinking. If you’d like to learn more, please contact me.
Here’s more about letting go of negative thoughts.
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2 thoughts on “Negativity

  1. Oh well is a helpful phrase that I use often. Have you ever considered the value of the big round ball that people use to sit on and do yoga as a great way for hyperactive energetic people to find movement while still sitting? Brilliant, right?

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